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A favorable real estate context

  • Easy transactions because of a common currency: Euro
  • Prices of real estate sells in 2012 have decreased about 25% compared to 2008 (crisis in Portugal) at a national level.
  • During the last 20 years, the costs of housing have known a moderate growth in Portugal, contrary to other economies from the euro zone.
  • Portugal didn’t face speculative bubbles in the real estate market and consequently no overrating of housing.
  • The Portuguese real estate market represents a solid investment option, especially in the residential tourism sector within the big cities.

Legal process

The laws and the rules in Portugal are very different and the purchase of an estate in Portugal follows a procedure step by step:








Signature of the sale agreement


Establishment of the deed of sale

Five elements guides you step by step and accompany you during all the legal process in order to avoid any risk taking. For a personalized approach and qualified advice, contact us!

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IMT (Municipal taxation on costly building transmission)

Following the acquisition (Principal or secondary residence or aimed to renting), payment of the IMT. Progressive amount indexed on the transaction value: between 1% (for the goods inferior to 97.407 euros) and 8% (for the goods until 574.323 euros. 6% above).

It is a fixed tax of 0.8% calculated on the value of the purchase, or the tax value, when the latter is higher.

Stamp Duty (Imposto do Selo)

Property taxes (IMI : Real Estate municipal taxes)

Between 0,3 and 0,8% of the good tax value

This tax is to be cleared in one, two or three times, according to the amount.

Some municipalities perceive a tax for the sewage systems. Each one fixes a price independently.

Other taxes

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