Cost of life, taste of life

Discover a new way of life in Portugal !


Welcoming and convivial, this European country possesses several assets:

  • A buying power about 30% higher than in France. You can enjoy the pleasures of life for the same budget. More outings, more restaurants, more culture, more life!
  • A country that is offering more than 300 days of sun per year and a proximity with the Atlantic ocean for a soft and smooth climate.



The Dolce Vita

is now stated as

Boa Vida!

The beauty of an unspoilt nature

Country of the biggest navigators and most famous poets, where is born the “saudade” and the “fado”, Portugal concentrates in a small territory various landscapes and species, which promise you the pleasure of the discovery.

From impressive mountains to vast plains, from large beaches of sand where the waves slowly break to the coast with gorgeous topography and bathed with a rough sea, the country offers you a large range of places to fully practice your favorite hobbies.


A simple but high quality gastronomy at reasonable prices, this is what promises you the life in Portugal. And… Some good wines to discover and taste.

A cosmopolitan and reassuring country

Member of the European Union, Portugal possesses all the assets concerning welcoming and conviviality.

Gentle lifestyle, quality of life and simplicity are waiting for you in a sunny country and cozy climate.

A country where 4 out of 10 people understand French for the everyday things, which can be comforting for the expatriates who don’t speak Portuguese.

Lisbon, a European capital, is a cosmopolitan metropolis animated by a rich cultural life and offers a various range of museums and entertainments.

Proximity with France/England

  • Daily international connections, served by regular companies and low cost.
  • 2 hours from France by plane / 2h45min from England by plane
  • Old-established economical relationships with France
  • A diversified and rich culture

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