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Why choose Five Elements?

You know few or nothing about Portuguese language

Indeed, it can be difficult to consider a serene acquisition without practicing Portuguese language. This language barrier is the first reason that forces our clients to contact us.  Professional and informed interlocutors, Five Elements supports and explains everything you need to know about the purchase of an estate in Portugal. We advice you and take care of administrative and legal aspects for you!



You are not on the spot

Remotely or even on the spot, you cannot see all the available goods on the market. As real estate professionals in Portugal, we know perfectly the market and its obstacles. You can consequently benefit from all the offers, best deals, quality products, or even off market goods: these rare and exclusive goods, invisible for private individuals will be accessible for you by contacting us. You will be asked to come only when we will be able to offer you the good that really matches your expectations.

You don’t have time

Unsuccessful internet researches, information requests in agencies which sometimes don’t call you back, numerous visits that don’t match your expectations and consequently become useless, multiple round trips that generate fees… Five Elements, after analyzing the important criterion for you, allows you to save a precious time offering you targeted goods.

Administrative and legal aspects discourage you

Undertake the purchase of a real property in an unknown country can seem scary and risky. Five Elements guides you step by step and accompany you during all the researches process up to the administrative procedures. Our legal service entirely takes over your file and answers to all your questions avoiding all the pitfalls you may encounter while purchasing a good.

You are looking for a unique and professional interlocutor

The real estate market in Portugal, like everywhere, mixes the best and the worst. Our prices are clear and defined in advance: no bad surprises. Moreover, less intermediate means of course less costs. So, if you wish a peaceful and safe real estate purchase, with only one trusted interlocutor, who accompanies you in the research of the ideal estate up to your installation with or without construction, contact us!

What does it cost ?

The commissions are the following

2 to 3% for the buyer: the Five Element follow-up

How does the support of Five Elements help you ?

The research of the best estate

Five Elements is looking for the best estate for you with the help of its partners (individuals, agencies, banks, promoters) and its network in order for you to benefit from all the goods including the ones off market.

  • First, we define the important criterion for you and sign a contract with an exclusivity of 3 to 6 months.
  • Secondly, we carry out the pre-visits of the goods according to your criterion, we send you a debriefing by mail of all the visits with a description, photos, and strong and weak points
  • Once you will have selected one or several goods, we will organize your stay: flights, hotel, and car rental. We will accompany and advice you on the visits of goods that you will have chosen and we will take care of the negotiation with the seller in order for you to benefit from the best price. Often, the negotiation obtained covers a part of our fees. You also save a precious time and avoid costly expenses and useless round trips.


We are also able to offer to professional entities hotels, offices, or buildings in the Portugal capital “Lisbon”.

Administrative and legal support

Once you will find the house of your dream or the ideal estate, we will take care of the entire administrative procedures link to your purchase (included in the fees) in order to guarantee you a peaceful and comfortable installation:

  • Tax Identification Number NIF acquisition (mandatory)
  • Portuguese bank account opening (mandatory)
  • Verification with our legal service of all the documents linked to the good (caderneta, registo predical, certificado energitico, licenca utilizacao)
  • Redaction of buying documents by our lawyers (promise to purchase and to sell)
  • Organization and support for the notary act signature and keys delivery
  • Transfer the official documents of the good and the contracts (water, electricity and phone) to your name


– Linking with francophone and specialized lawyers, architects, decorators, but also with inside and outdoor maintenance staff
– Requesting the RNH status (Non habitual resident), which enable people retiring from the public services a tax exoneration for 10 years, or a 20% limit of taxes for self-employed (quote on request).
– Change of vehicles matriculation
– Subscription to the Portuguese social security
– Validation of your housing, cars and health insurance.

Support « House work »

If you wish to have work done in your house, we take care of quotes requests including fees specially negotiated for our clients. From simple renovation to a swimming pool installation, we put you through numerous qualified providers.


Option “construction site supervision”: we perform construction site visits minimum once a week and give you updates about the work progression. We validate with you the choices of the materials (quotes on request).

Linking with the architects, decorators, but also with inside and outdoor maintenance staff in order to guarantee an optimal comfort and high quality services.

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